Product Description

Miata Low Profile Headlight Kit 1990-1997

Are you tired of the old fashioned looking pop-up headlights on your Mazda Miata? This Low Profile Headlight Kit is what you Need.

Mazda liked them so much they used them as the platform for the lights on the M Speedster. Then Mazda put one of these kits on the M Coupe. The factory ‘barn door’ headlights interfere with your forward vision. Our lowered profile lights capture the essence of the Miata and improves the field of view drastically.

Key features:

1. Independent adjustment for all four bulbs takes seconds

2. New DOT stamped clearer lenses*. High beams use all 4 lights. Replacement lenses are just $39.95. Now uses H3 Halogen replaceable bulbs. No side glare issues.

3. All powdercoated assemblies


Don’t be fooled into buying similar but more expensive kits that have fewer features.

*New Retract Rods recommended for install.

*Please check your local laws for legality. Although the lenses are each DOT approved, this kit has not been submitted as a whole.



Miata Low Profile Headlight Kit 1990-1997