Integrated Performance is a family owned and operated facility.  We have over 14 years of experience, and specialize in high performance vehicle modifications, expert repair, and basic maintenance.  We do everything from change your oil, to full performance race engine builds and tuning and are networked with the best chassis tuning shops located within minutes from our facility (which helps in saving you gas, time, and hassle).

Here at IP we are dedicated to keeping our customers informed of new developments with their vehicles, new parts availability, and newest cutting edge leading technology available in the aftermarket performance world.

Integrated Performance also has our own product line available for many applications.

IP is dedicated to customer service, satisfaction, and most of all…. making your car happy, so that you will be happy. Feel free to come check out the facility as we have a large show room, plenty of parking, and the best 4-wheel drive Dynamometer in Southern California.  Our Dyno Dynamics Dyno gives the most realistic horsepower numbers, and is best suited for engine tuning because of its ability to put the car under load at all times.